13 year old McKenna Pope wanted to get her 4 year old brother, Gavyn Boscio, exactly  what he wanted for Christmas, an Easy-Bake Oven. When she went to buy one, the oven only came in pink and purple. The box displayed only girls playing with the oven. This upset McKenna because she wanted to get a boyish oven for her brother. Through the use of YouTube, and other digital marketing means, McKenna has grabbed the attentions of thousands. Including the attention of Manuel Trevino of TV's "Top Chef" and Michael Lomonaco of Porterhouse New York. 

McKenna goal is to make Easy-Bake Oven gender neutral. Both men and women enjoy cooking, so why is there only a cooking toy for girls. She has started an  online petition, which had reached about 40,000 signatures as of Tuesday on the website Change.org.

It is amazing the impact you can create using digital marketing. McKenna is only 13 and has made a huge impact on society. 

Deeph Deeph
12/11/2012 09:55:36 pm

This is a great article. Truly touches on the importance of digital marketing and how it can make a difference. Great job.

Meghan M Lang
12/11/2012 10:25:11 pm

Thank you very much. this story first caught my attention on the morning news. This girl has a very vaild point about gender neutral products. The should have an easy bake over with flames on it for boys. I know more men that cook than I know women.


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