With the introduction of new digital marketing advertisers have gain the ability to reach their target audience through media other than television, radio and newspaper.  Today you do not only see a commercial on TV, you also see it while watching YouTube. You do not only hear an advertisement on your radio, but on Pandora, online music channel, as well. Also, with new digital marketing advertisements, not only do you read an advertisement in a new paper or magazine, you can also read it on numerous website, pop-ups, and banner ads.  

There are several advantages that are brought about by digital media. These advantages include: target market selectivity, tracking, deliverability, flexibility, and reach, interactivity, and integration.

Target market selectivity:
Digital marketing offer advertisers to target there market precisely.  It is important to segment the market to be able to target consumer based on their individual interests, wants and need. The target market can be broken up into schemes such as demographics and geographic. Geographic can be broken further into region, time of day, and internet browser used. Today you see this used in mobile devices. Tools such as GPS tracking can connect your location to local businesses.

Tracking: Digital marketing allows advertisers to track how a consumer interacts with a brand. This provides an advertiser with customer’s interest. Display banner ads and websites provide consumer tracking information. It measure a response to an ad by the number of hits

Deliverability, flexibility, and reach: Digital markeitng provides deliverability due to the fact that it can de delivered any time of the day or night. It is flexible because an advertisement can be updated, changed, or delete almost immediately upon the decision. Digital media can provide an immediate reach globally unlike any means of traditional media. The use of website advertisement will take advantage of these benefits.

Interactivity: Digital marketing is able to engage a customer unlike any form of traditional media.  A customer is able to go to a company’s website, click on a banner ad and be given a tour of the company and its product. I have seen car dealerships take advantage of interactivity by giving a virtual tour of the inside of the dealership. A customer is able to view cars and details as is he/she was really their just by a click of the mouse.

Integration: Digital marketing is able to work with traditional marketing, not against it. With the use of digital markeitng, an advertiser can carry a brand theme throughout multiple channels, digital and traditional. For example I can watch a Ford Mustang commercial asking the question “What mustang are you?” then I can go online, click on a banner ad, and then design my own mustang.

Digital Marketing is the fastest changing media among all others. It takes just one minor change by a big fish like Google to send ripples of changes across the media. Thus, periodic analysis of such changes is necessary.


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