Welcome. My last blog we discussed  how digital marketing has impact everyone's lives. From the comments I received it is apparent that we as consumers are surrounded by digital marketing and everything it has to offer. So I would like to say welcome, welcome to the world of digital marketing. 

A post by Megan Miller stated "We text instead of talk, we Facebook to "stalk" people's lives and we are being advertised something at almost every turn or click of a mouse." I found this comment to be incredibly true. I spend very little time talking and the phone and a lot of time stalking on Facebook. But it is not just the consumers stalking consumers.  If you are a digital marketing you are also participating in this staking behavior. People with digital marketing degree are experts in stalking on Facebook. However, digital marketers do not have the same motives as consumers when it comes to stalking. Consumers stalk on Facebook to see who is dating who, who just had a baby, and of course to find the latest gossip. When Digital marketers stalk on Facebook they are watching for the latest trends, behavior  and likes on Facebook. For example if a digital marker notices and increase in children born,digital marketing view this as an opportunity to increase diaper ads, not as the latest gossip. 

Lil' Lang
12/10/2012 12:30:45 am

Digital Marketing has a huge impact on everyone who uses the computer, watches TV, or listens to the radio. everything is advertised. People used to not publicly know treatments for yeast infections because it was discretely sold, but now its advertised on TV and if you see that ointment in someone's medicine cabinet you know what it's for! Another example of lack of privacy is facebook stalking (which I am guilty of). I believe it has impacted our privacy negatively in some ways, but also made us aware. always pluses and minuses to technology.


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