Hello all. Today I would like to start a discussion. How does digital marketing impact you ? The three main way to use digital marketing is through SEO (search engine optimization), social media outlets, and mobile marketing. All three of these digital marketing channels find their way in to our daily lives. 

SEO is in our life every time we search something. For example, if I wanted to Google bowling alleys one ad would pop up on top for yellow pages, and two on the side selling a bowling alley. 

It is obvious how social media is in our lives. How much time do you spend updating your Facebook and Twitter accounts? I know I spend too much time, but it is something I like to do. Digital marketing is apparent in social media again just by looking at the ads on the side. Facebook's digital marketing is able to match Facebook users likes to the ads that appear on their Facebook page.

Everybody has a smart phone these days. With your smart phone you are surrounded by digital marketing. One way digital marketing is being used on mobile devices is through GPS. Digital marketing uses GPS tracking to findbusinesses near you that can offer coupons and gimmicks to get you in to their store. Another way mobile devices use digital marketing it through games played on phones. The other day I was playing Cut The Rope, my new favorite Game, and a new ad popped up every 10 mins. It was slightly annoying but I enjoyed playing the game so much it didn't bother me as much as it should. 

So what I want to know, is how digital marketing is apparent in your life ? 

12/9/2012 12:04:39 am

Honestly as lame as this may sound Facebook has changed my life. In this time we very rarely communicate in person and connections are harder to make with people and even more difficult to keep. Facebook enables you to keep updates on big events in people's lives, birthdays, engagements, births, and unfortunately deaths. However, it allows you as an individual to express yourself without notifying every single person individually and I love that.

Meghan M Lang
12/9/2012 01:07:15 am

Hi Amanda,

I know exactly what you mean. Facebook sometimes controls my life. I am on Facebook more than I am on the phone. Digital marketers have it easy when it comes to Facebook. What a digital marketer does is track you like history and targets ads that you may like. Lets say for example you are a Michigan fan and you liked Michigan Stadium on Facebook. What digital marketers do is match your like for Michigan to a company that sells Michigan apparel. Next time you are on Facebook check to see the ads that are on the right hand side.

Megan Miller
12/9/2012 04:20:39 am

Technology is changing the face of this generation. We text instead of talk, we Facebook to "stalk" people's lives and we are being advertised something at almost every turn or click of a mouse. Facebook and Twitter have changed the way people communicate and the self expression without having to confront anyone publicly is also a win. I think that I find myself on social media more often than not more or less to see what other people are doing or to like pictures that others have shared, hoping that it will make my day.

Jamie B.
12/9/2012 05:22:19 am

I remember when I had to call the house phone and have the parents answer the phone.

9/6/2013 12:44:55 am

Great post, thank you.


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