Hubspot founders are Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. Halligan came from traditional marketing and Shah came from ITM. After becoming a leader in web 2.0 they coined the term inbound marketing to describe marketing strategies and practices that pulled prospective customers  toward a business and its products, through the use of Web 2.0 tool such as blogging, search engines, and social media (inbound marketing is another term for digital marketing).They  turn against traditional marketing and solely use inbound techniques to acquires customers. Hubspot 's goals include: contact customers, decide on pricing model to get new customers decide if they could achieve enough scales through digital marketing

HubSpot History
They headquarter the company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a hotbed for high-tech start-ups and staffed with young MIT graduated. With Halligan’s marketing, sales, and venture experience and Shah technological experience the two were a winning pair.First issue that HubSpot struggled with was how to harness the Internet to build a business.

Digital Marketing 
HudSpot build products that helped companies execute digital marketing programs to supplement or replace their traditional outbound programs. As direct mail, trade shows, and telemarketing began to slow down, search engines, blog, and social media were on the rise and brought business higher rates.  digital marketing is a collection of marketing strategies focused on pulling in the customers to the business not push the business on the customer.To maximize inbound marketing first must write compelling content, distribute content so that it is easily found, and third was to attracts and engage a community of followers to interact with the content. Businesses are incourage to  increased marketing spending dedicated to digital marketing particularly business to business industries.


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