Everyone needs a resume; what you do with it is up to you. To help you stand out, here are a few tips from our digital marketing experts:

  • “Demonstrate that you can produce results and work in a fast-paced environment, whether you’ve had previous digital experience or not. 
  • “One way you can make your resume stand out is to get certified. Google has a certification program for Adwords. I just took this exam. If you plan on taking this exam make sure to study !!
  • Use LinkedIn !! LinkedIn is like your digital resume. Make sure the facts match up. Also, Google your name to see what comes up.
  • Use keywords to describe your previous experience that make sense for the specific job you’re applying for

Uni the Unicorn
12/6/2012 08:57:18 am

This is so helpful. I will be sure to use your tips for my resume! Excellent job, Meghan.

12/6/2012 09:50:28 am

I didn't know this before!

General feedback
12/6/2012 10:36:33 am

Your blog contains a number of grammar and spelling errors. Also, you use an unprofessional amount of exclamation points. Really, any use of exclamation points in a blog like the one you are trying to create is too many. Your content is okay, but could use more thorough explanations and a lot more focus. I would expect a more polished website from a U of M affiliate... even if you are attending the Dearborn campus.

Dorothy Schwartzman
12/6/2012 01:09:29 pm

These hints are so helpful! Thank you, Meghan. You sure know how to break the Internet things down for us old folks.

General Feedback
12/6/2012 01:11:10 pm

You really should proof-read your blog before posting.

12/10/2012 02:52:45 am

Thanks for the tips Meghan!


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