Finals are just around the corner, and many student here at the University of Michigan Dearborn are feeling the pressure. I seems like every professor saved everything for last minute. I guess it is not just the student that procrastinate. 

One challenge students come across when trying to cram in their last minute work, is finding a place to do it at. Many student at the University of Michigan- Dearborn are living at home with their parents. Although parents are a great resource for food and money, they help very little when trying to study. 

Many students study at the the University's library. However, it becomes a challenge to meet the library's hours, because it is not open 24 hours. So where is a poor college student to go ? 

Coffee shops are very popular for students to go and study. Coffee shops provide a comfortable atmosphere and copious amounts of caffeine, necessary for a student's long study night. 

I decided to visit two coffee shops in the area to determine the best coffee shop to study at. I visited Starbucks and Tim Hortons. 

First I visited Starbucks. I squeeze into a small parking spot, and walked in. It seemed like a party was going on at this Starbucks. People we talking very loudly and there where no seats open. I left without even buying a coffee. Outside was just as bad as the inside. I even saw a dog sitting on top of a table out side Startbuck's front door.

Next I visited Tim Hortons. Their parking lot is very large and empty. When I walked in, I noticed their new renovations. There are plenty of seats and outlets. The people here are talking quickly or working on their laptops.As I sit here drinking my hot coffee and listening to the soft music in the background; I know that Tim Hortons is the better choice. 

What do you think ?? Is Tim Hortons the better choice ?? 

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